An internet meme is an idea, or action that exists as a result of imitation and adaptation. Examples of memes could be pictures of cute cats, a humorously re-captioned clip of a popular movie, or a Rick Astley music video. Memes are a cornerstone of internet culture and evidence of the democratizing effect, it has had on media culture as a whole.
As 3D printing starts to make headway into consumer markets it offers opportunity similar to when creative platforms such as YouTube, and Instagram were widely adopted. MEM3D (pronounced "meemed") is a critical exploration into the proliferation of 3D printing by means of encouraging interaction with products as memes.

This exploration has taken shape as a website called A 3D modeling platform that gives users tools to remix known products and shapes with 3D modeled penises and other humorous additions. Allowing users to create and 3D print new products as well as remix and alter the ideas of other users. By utilizing one of the oldest and most controversial memes in existence– drawing penises on things, and encouraging iteration, the website becomes a meme in itself.

This is a perpetual work in progress (designers make terrible developers) but hopefully will be fully operational soon. (notice how I didn't give a date ; )